8 Principles of Customer Value Creation

 The 8 Principles of Customer Value Creation

To appreciate Customer Value Creation, you must understand the principles of Customer Value Creation.

The principles of Customer Value Creation, enunciated by Gautam Mahajan are:

The 1st Principle: Customers tend to buy or use those products or services that they perceive create greater value for them than competitive offers. It is essential for executives and leaders to create higher value for their Customers than competition can.

 The 2nd Principle: Customer Value Creation is applicable in all fields, such as business, service, education and academics, society and government, social work, innovation and entrepreneurship. It impacts humanity.

 The 3rd Principle: Customer Value Creation touches all stakeholders, you, your colleagues, your employees, your partners (supply chain, delivery chain, and unions), and society to create resounding value for the Customer and thereby for the shareholder. It is the source for creating Customers and retaining existing ones, increasing loyalty, market share and profits

The 4th Principle: Customer Value Creation is proactively exceeding what is basically expected of you or your job and is going beyond your functional and routine roles to creating value in your eco-system. Value creation can be planned or spontaneous, and in both functional and emotional thinking

 The 5th Principle: Customer Value Creation leverages a person’s or an organisation’s potential, learning and creativity while making it meaningful and worthwhile for people to belong and perform, both physically and emotionally

 The 6th Principle: Customer Value Creation presents a very powerful decision making tool for companies to decide on actions, programs, strategies for the Customer that can increase the company’s longevity and profitability.

 The 7th Principle: Value Creation must exceed Value destruction or reduce negative value and be done consciously (not just unconsciously)

 The 8th Principle: Values (what you stand for, integrity, honesty, fairness etc.) creates Customer Value (that is Customers Value your Values)

These principles form the foundation of the Customer Value Creation strategy and implementation, resulting in great value for you and your company.

From Gautam Mahajan, Customer Value Foundation, www.customervaluefoundation.com and jcv.sagepub.com

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