Forrester 3 E's of Customer Experience

Forrester: A checklist for customer experience - The 3 E's

Ryan Hart offered 3 key recommendations for brands looking to improve their customer experience approach, while at the CMO Australia event:

1. Emotion
2. Effectiveness
3. Ease

The first is identifying the moment that is inherently the most emotional for your customers. To do this, he advised regularly and ongoing customer journey mapping.

“This is a live document, you need to bring in stakeholders and validate those key inflection points and emotional intersections in that journey,” he advised, adding that Forrester also encourages clients to undertake ‘empathy mapping’.

Hart’s second piece of advice was to architect the emotional context to drive sentimental value.

“You can create an experience,” he said. “Everyone is inherently a designer and creative, it’s about unlocking those skills.”

The third recommendation was make sure everything you do ties back in with the customer on their terms.

“Relate to your customer’s context to relate with your identity,” Hart added.

Here is the full article with stories shared by major brands:


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