12 Word Business Plan

The 12-Word Business Plan

 Brand Strategy, Marketing

Have you ever struggled to illustrate or articulate how your business or idea creates value?

This 12-word framework is the simplest way to do it.

Take a look at how we could map Blue Apron’s business plan using the 12-word framework.

Blue Apron’s 12-Word Business Plan


People want to eat healthy, home cooked meals, but they don’t have the time and skills to cook.


Health conscious, time poor, couples and families in urban centres.


Fresh, competitively priced meal kits, conveniently delivered to the customer’s door every week.


Step-by-step recipes designed to help customers succeed and save time on meal planning.
Seasonal ingredients sourced directly from farmers and producers. Freshness and quality are assured.
Portioned ingredients, means no waste.

Customers choose and pre-order kits online, saving time on meal planning and grocery shopping.
Free delivery at times to suit customer’s schedule. No more battling traffic and supermarkets.
Healthier, more convenient, fun and less wasteful than meal planning, shopping, and preparation.
We win by sourcing well, bulk purchasing, predicting demand, managing distribution, scaling, supporting suppliers and delighting customers.

Over to you. What does your 12-Word Business Plan look like?


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