Are you ready for Generation C via Mobile?

Brian solis-mobile-is-eating-the-world-e book from Eric Silverstein

Here is a great ebook from +Brian Solis +Sitecore

"Mobile isn’t a strategy or technology; it’s a lifestyle!

This is Generation C—otherwise known as your iCustomer. This isn’t a generation defined by
age, income, education, or other demographics. This is a group that’s defined by a digital, mobile,
real-time, always-on lifestyle. And, they’re nothing like your traditional customers.

Because people don’t want to be sold or persuaded. They want to be informed,
engaged, and empowered. So much so, that 73% of consumers say that regularly getting
useful information from a company is the most important attribute when selecting a

Micro-moments - Doing so will help businesses win the hearts and minds of connected customers
in every moment of truth across every device. On the other hand, missing or
ignoring these new moments means that brands will miss vital chances to connect.

It’s time to join Generation C and your iCustomers to rethink products, services,
and experiences that are “born digital” and “born mobile” without legacy PC philosophies

holding you back."

Are you ready for Generation C?

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